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Simplify your catering spreads and cheese board service

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Roth® Signature Cheese Board Kit

The Roth® Signature Cheese Board Kit elevates your menu and catering services. Ideal for catering distinguished events and pairing with high-margin beverages as a cheese course, the Signature Cheese Board Kit offers:

  • Convenience: Smaller cuts offer minimal prep time with less waste and are easier to handle and store.
  • Distinction: Set yourself apart with our award-winning, premium specialty cheeses, which are natural, gluten-free and rBST-free.
  • Ease-of-Use: Impress your customers with the perfect selection of complementary cheese varieties—with no guesswork on your part.

Kit Includes:

  • 2.25 lb. Grand Cru® Original
  • 3 lb. Buttermilk Blue®
  • 3 lb. GranQueso® Original
  • 2.5 lb. Van Gogh® Natural Smoked Gouda
  • 2.25 lb. Roth® Peppadew® Havarti
  item code pack/size dimensions cube total tare TI/HI shelf life
All weights are approximate
Approximately 440 0.5-ounce servings
1101 1/13 lb. 14" x 10" x 4.75" 0.38 0.80 10 x 8 180 days
no kid hungry

As a proud partner of Share Our Strength's No Kid Hungry campaign, we will donate $1.00 per case sold during 2014, up to $5,000, to help end childhood hunger in America.

Perfect Pairings

Think beyond timeless pairings for cheese like crackers and rustic bread. Add extra appeal to your cheese plate or catering display with these combinations.

perfect pairings

Tasting Notes

Grand Cru® Original: Inspired by the cheesemaking traditions of the Roth family's homeland, this Alpine-style classic is crafted in imported copper vats and cured more than four months. The freshest Wisconsin milk creates a smooth and mellow cheese with light floral notes. Pasteurized cow's milk, vegetarian rennet

Buttermilk Blue®: Crafted from raw Jersey and Holstein cows' milk (for extra creaminess) and aged more than 60 days, this blue has a piquant flavor peak and a smooth, clean finish. The creamy texture is perfectly balanced with the tangy, peppery flavor. Raw cow's milk, vegetarian rennet

GranQueso® Original: A one-of-a-kind cheese that has become an instant classic. Inspired by Spanish Manchego (yet crafted with cow's milk), this award-winner is shelf cured for at least six months to create a distinctive bite and lingering sweet finish unlike any other. Pasteurized cow's milk, vegetarian rennet

Van Gogh® Natural Smoked Gouda: This all-natural Gouda is aged for a minimum of six months and delicately smoked to add subtle flavor. Excellent for cooking and entertaining. Pasteurized cow's milk, vegetarian rennet

Roth® Peppadew® Havarti: Just the right amount of Peppadew® peppers are infused into our extra-cream, Danish-style Havarti for an enlivening burst of flavor. Perfect for slicing or topping sandwiches and salads. Pasteurized cow's milk, vegetarian rennet

Cheese Handling Basics

  • Cutting Techniques: Cheese should be cut when cold. Use a separate (or clean) knife and clean cutting surface when preparing each cheese variety.
  • Temperature: After preparing the cheese, bring to room temperature before serving—this can take up to an hour.
  • Serving sizes: For catering applications: 0.5 to 0.75 ounces; for cheese plates: 0.75 to 1.0 ounce.

More Cheese, Please!

Keep your customers coming back for cheese with additional cheese board kits from Emmi Roth USA:

British Isles Cheese Board KitRose & Crown® Stilton, Rose & Crown® Double Gloucester, Donovan's Auld Irish Cheddar, Harmony® White Stilton with Cranberries

Classic Cheese Board KitGrand Cru® Reserve, Buttermilk Blue® Affinée, MezzaLuna® Fontina, Vintage Van Gogh®, Red Spruce® 4-Year Cheddar

Supreme Selection Cheese Board KitMoody Blue®, Kaltbach Cave-Aged Le Gruyère® AOP, Cypress Grove Purple Haze®, Cypress Grove Herbs de Humboldt®, Cypress Grove Midnight Moon®

Dessert Cheese Board KitKaltbach Cave-Aged Le Gruyère® AOP, Vintage Van Gogh®, Harmony® White Stilton with Cranberries, Kelly's Kitchen® Chocolate Cheese Fudge, Crave Brothers Mascarpone

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